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Tips Before Buying Fioricet Online

Basically, Fioricet is an FDA approved prescription drug that should be administered only with a doctor’s approval. Is it possible to order it online without a prescription?

Online shopping for pharmaceuticals is gaining popularity, so an overwhelming majority of modern people choose online drugstores.

This is because it can often save time for people with busy lives or work schedules who may otherwise overlook picking up their medications on time. Believe it or not, in this era of cellphones and fast vehicles people can too easily forget the important things concerning themselves like medications.

However, to ensure the safety of the treatment course and eliminate the risks of unwanted reactions, a patient should work only with quality and time-tested platforms. On average, such companies do not offer their drugs without a prescription but give you an alternative solution.

Instead of setting an appointment with your doctor and spending time and money on it, a patient can take the maximal advantage of online prescription. A team of qualified medical specialists will help you select a correct dose, duration of the therapy and related specifications.

Fill in the form, mentioning your current health state, allergic reactions to any products or remedies and other issues, which may influence the treatment course. It is important to fill out this form as truthfully as possible because a bad mixture of medications or an allergy can lead to a fatal result.

The moment the doctor approves your condition and situation, you are free to order Fioricet 100% legally and safely.

Be sure though to not order Fioricet without a form of doctor approval because that is illegal. You must obtain your prescription legally, whether in person or online, to legally have access to using this drug.

Proper Dosage

Fioricet should be taken only in the dosages suggested by a licensed physician. Fioricet contains acetaminophen which in large doses can cause acute liver failure and liver disease.

The general recommended maximum daily dosage of acetaminophen for an adult is no more than 4,000 milligrams per day. People with existing liver diseases should consult their physician about taking Fioricet, as it may not be suggested by a license professional. Butalbital can be a habit forming drug because it is a barbiturate.

Individuals who take Fioricet should not take more than the recommended dosage because of the effects of Butalbital.

Potentially habit forming drugs should always be taken under the care of a licensed physician.

The generally recommended daily dosage of Fioricet is no more than one to two tablets every for hours as needed, and no more than six tablets within a single day.

This drug is not intended for long term use. An individual considering taking this drug should speak with a physician about other options first.

If dosage instructions are not followed carefully, the person taking them is likely to become ill or may overdose. Extreme drowsiness, dizziness or feelings of intoxication may be sign of a potentially fatal dose. Contact your nearest emergency health services if this occurs.

Mechanism of Action

Following the results of numerous medical researches and studies, Fioricet is considered to be an effective treatment that deals with tension headaches, triggered by muscle contractions. These types of headaches can be obscenely painful and interfere with day to day life, even causing you to miss out on important life events or interrupt your ability to work. The drug features an innovative composition that contains Caffeine, Acetaminophen, and Butalbital as active ingredients.

All three ingredients of the drug contribute to its effectiveness and powerful impact on the organism. The mechanism of Fioricet influence on the body is simple, but it consists of three processes corresponding to the number of active ingredients:

  • Butalbital triggers a depressant impact on the central nervous system and has several peripheral effects if taken in high doses. The half-life of the ingredient is around 35 hours;
  • Acetaminophen is characterized by antipyretic and analgesic effects that are mediated by metabolite. It, in its turn, interferes with the functioning of cannabinoid receptors. The component has approximately 1.25-3 hours of half-life, but it may be enhanced as a result of liver damage triggered by overdose;
  • Caffeine is a more traditional ingredient that produces constriction of cerebral blood vessels, counteracting the sedative influence of Butalbital. Its half-life varies from 5 to 7 hours.

Due to undeniable effectiveness and safety of the drug, it is appreciated by both customers and medical specialists. The remedy has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a quality tension headache solution.

Be careful though, because Fioricet can be addictive if used incorrectly and it is not meant for long-term use. It should be used as a last resort when it comes to headache treatment because of these addictive qualities.

Fioricet and Alcohol

Fioricet is like any other drug, mixing it with certain other drugs or alcohol can cause adverse reactions. Fioricet and alcohol should never be mixed. The drug Butalbital is a barbiturate which makes it a central nervous system (CNS) depressant.

The central nervous system controls many important bodily functions, including respiration. Alcohol is a well known central nervous system depressant. An overdose is possible if alcohol and Fioricet are taken together.

The effects of Butalbital can be heightened if taken with alcohol. There may be feelings of cloudiness or confusion, a sense of feeling deeply intoxicated.

Driving while taking this drug is not recommended. A feeling of drowsiness or feeling dizzy is common. Due to this, taking this drug with alcohol is considered dangerous and should not be done.

Fioricet and Acetaminophen also have linked drug interactions. Acetaminophen alone can cause liver failure if taken incorrectly or in high dosages.

Alcohol is also known to damage the liver. Acute liver failure or liver disease are likely to occur if alcohol and acetaminophen are then together.

Fioricet should never be mixed with alcohol. This can cause life threatening drug interactions that can lead to a person being severely injured or can be fatal.

Fioricet Side Effects

There are some side effects expected with Fioricet due to the Butalbital it contains. These side effects include:

  • Anxiety
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Feelings of intoxication or drunkenness
  • Insomnia

These are common side effects most users of Fioricet experience. It is suggested that if Fioricet is taken, not to drive or operate heavy machinery.

There are more sever side effects of Fioricet that a person taking Fioricet should carefully monitor themselves for. These side effects include shortness of breath, confusion, nausea, upset stomach lightheadedness, seizures, dark urine, clay colored stool and jaundice.

If you experience any of these less common yet serious symptoms, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

If you are concerned that the side effects of Fioricet are interfering with your ability to function in day to day life, please speak with your doctor.