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Data Protection Guidelines

What confidential data are we gathering?

We gather information from our clients when they create an account on our website, make an order or complete a form.

When making an order or creating your personal account on our site, you might be required to fill in your full name, postal and e-mail address, cell phone number or banking information. It is also possible to access our site incognito.

Google serves as an intermediary and utilizes cookies to handle commercials on your website. Google’s utilization of DART cookie allows handling your adverts based on your client’s access to your websites or some other sites on the web. Users may choose not to use DART cookie by checking the Google site and accessing the data protection guidelines of content networks.

What is the purpose of your personal data use?

Any portion of personal data assembled can be later utilized in one of the possible ways listed below:

To make our mutual cooperation more personalized

(your data helps our experts to meet your personal preferences more efficiently)

To update our website

(we constantly update the services listed on our website based on your personal data and feedback)

To enhance customer care

(your data helps us meet your customer care and assistance inquiries more productively)

To carry out transactions

We guarantee that your data, both personal and public, are not going to be traded, exchanged, transacted or given out to any third party for any possible purpose without your agreement, apart from the unquestionable purpose of conducting the delivery of goods or services demanded.

In what way do we secure client’s personal data?

We have added a range of data protection measures to our website to keep your personal data safe and secure after you make an order or fill in your personal data.

Do we utilize any cookies?

Yes (Cookies represent tiny files that a website delivers to the hard disc on your PC using your internet browser (as long as we get your permission), which allows the website system to decipher your browser and grasp a certain portion of data.

We utilize cookies because they help our experts regulate the products kept in your cart and collect details about the website traffic and compatibility in order to provide the best possible shopping experience to our clients.

If necessary, you may select an option of having your PC give you a warning every time a cookie is delivered. You can also opt for switching off all cookies through your browser configuration. Similar to other sites, if you switch off the cookie option, not all our services will run correctly, even though it will still be possible to make orders by phone or via customer support button.

Do we make any data known to third parties?

We do not trade or reveal your personal data to any external individuals. This does not refer to trusted intermediaries who help us run our site, do business and serve you well, but only if those individuals give consent to keeping your data private. We could also reveal your data if we think such disclosure is relevant and corresponds to the laws, guidelines and other people’s rights to maintain safety and security. Still, non-detectable visitor data could be given out to external parties for commercial purposes.

Adherence to California Online Privacy Protection Act

As we appreciate your confidentiality, we have taken a full range of measures to adhere to the California Online Privacy Protection Act. For this reason, we will not share your personal details with any external individuals if you disagree with such disclosure.

Adherence to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

We adhere to the demands of COPPA and we do not gather any data from individuals below the age of 13. Our website, goods, and services are all oriented on individuals who are aged at least 13 or older.

Online Data Protection Guidelines Only

These guidelines refer only to the data assembled through our site and not to the data gathered offline.

Your Agreement

By accessing our website, you agree to comply with the data protection guidelines listed above.

Updates of Our Data Protection Guidelines

If we choose to alter our data protection guidelines, we will inform our visitors of any updates on this page.

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