Top Facts About Fioricet that Patients Should Consider

Fioricet top facts

If someone in your family has intense headaches, or if you yourself suffering from migraines that cannot be relieved using mild medications, you might have heard about the solution Fioricet. Fioricet can be used for severe headaches and is often administered in emergency situations.

This is a drug that was developed to help patients get relief from intense headaches that last for several days and cannot be treated with other drugs. Unlike people who experience headaches from time to time, patients treated with Fioricet find themselves in a more complicated situation when they have truly unbearable pain in their head for several days.

Let’s see what key facts patients need to know about Fioricet in order to be prepared for any adverse circumstances.

Fioricet Contains Barbiturate and Opioid Components

Unlike the majority of anti-inflammatory drugs that have only one active component, Fioricet has several ingredients, two of which are habit-forming medicines and one that is a stimulating component.

Not all patients know that Fioricet consists of butalbital, caffeine, and acetaminophen. As such, the major ingredients of this medication are pain relievers. The caffeine is used to increase the efficiency of other ingredients, which is supposed to help them get relief from intense pain.

Fioricet Is Available via Prescription

One more fact about Fioricet not all patients are aware of is that this drug cannot be purchased over the counter. Before using this medication, you will have to speak to a qualified medical practitioner to find out whether it will be useful to take this drug in your particular case.

It is important to speak to your doctor for several reasons, primarily because you might be more likely to develop side effects while using this drug. Besides, there is a need to find out whether or not this drug will interact with other medications you are currently using, or maybe your case requires taking some other medications instead.

Fioricet can also be purchased online, but you will be required to receive a prescription beforehand.

Why It Is Not Recommended to Use Fioricet Regularly

It is worth noting that Fioricet contains butalbital as one of its major components. This ingredient belongs to the category of barbiturates. When used against pain provoked by tension headaches, this component is supposed to cause relaxation of muscles and sedation, which will allow temporary relief from pain.

However, when used on a regular basis, barbiturates provoke such adverse reaction as addiction, which might be hard to tackle after you have acquired it. For this reason, it is advisable to take such medications in emergency situations only.

Why Caffeine Helps Alleviate Pain

The caffeine contained in Fioricet acts as a pain reliever because it stimulates the nervous system and narrows the blood vessels inside the brain, which allows decreasing the flow of blood and relieving oxygen tension.

It is widely known that during migraines the blood vessels are enlarged, and, therefore, constriction of blood vessels provoked by caffeine helps alleviate pain.